Add-On Services

At Bioedit, we know that the publication process can be difficult and time-consuming for authors, especially for those who do not speak English as their first language. After more than 20 years of working with researchers around the world, we have learned about your needs and offer the following supplementary add-on services to our manuscript editing service.

Note that all of these services are charged at a fixed price in addition to one of our three editing packages. 



Pre-Peer Review

Your chance to review before they do! While editing your paper, our editors will critically consider issues that might be raised during peer review. Have you provided evidence for your claims? Does the text present a logical and consistent argument? Have you included all of the information the journal might require?

With this information, you can fix any potential problems before peer review by the journal. This improves the chances of your research being accepted for publication quickly, and could mean you avoid outright rejection! 

Cost: $250 per paper

Journal Selection

As a researcher, it is essential that your work is published and read in the best possible journals. Not sure where to submit your paper? Looking for alternatives after rejection? Our Journal Selection service provides a report suggesting three potential journals, based on your paper's research area and its relative novelty. Journals are suggested at different impact levels, thus giving you a range of options to get your research published as soon as possible.

Cost: $120 per paper

Write My Cover Letter!

For over 20 years, we have overseen tens of thousands of successful journal submissions. Let our team write you a cover letter to accompany your submission, focusing on the key aspects of your research to impress journal editors.

Cost: $70 per paper