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Editing Service Pricing

  Regular (7 day) Express (4 day) Super Express (2 day)
Basic Editing $0.07 per word $0.09 $0.11
Standard Editing $0.11 $0.15 $0.18
Premium Editing $0.18 $0.20 unavailable


Unlike many other editing services, Bioedit charges on a per word basis, meaning you are charged exactly for the amount of text we are asked to check. The rate per word is determined by the editing service level and turnaround speed you request.

Importantly, we only include text that we might edit in your quote, so reference lists, table data, title page details etc. are not included. If you would like us to only edit certain sections of your paper, you can request this also.

Table and figure titles and legends are included in the word count unless you specifically ask us not to include these. Only text that appears in MS Word files can be included, and the text must be in an editable format (i.e., not embedded in images).


Add-on Services

In addition to editing, we also offer a range of supplementary add-on services to help you with other aspects of the publishing process. These are charged for at a fixed rate in addition to your editing quote. Our Plagiarism Check service is also available without editing.


  Cost (all speeds)
Journal Selection 120 USD
Pre-Peer Review 250 USD
Write My Cover Letter! 70 USD
Plagiarism Check 80 USD
Journal Formatting Requirements (add-on for Basic editing, included free with Standard and Premium) 50 USD




Editing requests that exceed 6000 words are entitled to a 20% discount on the total editing cost. Further discounts may be considered at our discretion for particularly long documents (e.g., theses, books, grant applications) and are applied when we send you your quote. 

In addition, regular users of our service benefit from our loyalty program, which rewards ongoing trust in our services with a discount for returning interest.

All discounts are applied at our discretion, and are not applied to add-on service costs.

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