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Our new website!

As we celebrate 20 years of helping authors achieve publishing success, we're delighted to announce the launch of our new website.

How can English as a second language authors benefit from a professional editing service?

The fact that the vast majority of scientific and medical journals are published in the English language places English as a second language/English as a foreign language (ESL/EFL) authors at a disadvantage when it comes to getting their work into the public domain.

Writing tips: Avoid duplicating information in tables and text

A problem that we here at Bioedit often come across is duplication of data both in tables and manuscript text. The problem is particularly acute when authors have to meet strict word counts.

Study limitations and why authors should not fear discussing them

Many authors are, understandably, reluctant to point out possible flaws or limitations inherent in their work. However, discussing limitations will actually improve the overall quality of your manuscript as it shows that you have thought carefully about the positive and negative points associated with your research.

Speeding up peer review

Peer review is cited by both authors and journal editors as a problem with the current publishing model. How then can this process be made easier for all concerned?

Why Methods are Important

A very common reason for rejection on peer review is that the methods used to perform the research are not described in sufficient detail. A good methods section is vital when writing a scientific manuscript because it provides essential information that allows the reader or reviewer to assess the validity of the results and conclusions of a study.

Simple dos and don’ts that will help get your article sent out for peer review

Getting your article sent out for peer review is probably the most important stage of the publication process. However, many authors make simple and avoidable errors when writing a manuscript; it is these errors that may irritate the editor-in-chief and cause them to return your manuscript for revision or place it straight on the “reject outright” pile.